Standing on the Edge… (beginnings)

Standing on the edge of the abyss, predisposed to failure, I step confidently forward. I had warned me…

We communicate in a given language. We have loosely agreed on gestures and symbols, Through Television, Literature, Film, Life, (and other over-directed productions) we have built the skeletal framework of mutual expression. We have not, however, achieved mutual understanding. <this is crudely overstated, I know> We have adopted a stylized system of grunts, rumbling and feeble flailing that vaguely share our needs and wants with others. These words and actions have been distilled over time and instilled in us.

The way we each personally view the world, our own internal musings, and the way we make sense of those things is highly stylized. It is not the same for any two of us. Our values are different. Certainly, our experiences have been different. The nuances of our personalities are Wholly Peculiar. It is naive to put too much faith in the casual understanding we feel through mere coexistence. Communication is not a function of logistics, proximity does not breed unity. Some things are just too important to be taken for granted. Just because someone reacts on cue – does not mean that they have truly received us.

Our interpreted existences do not mesh as neatly as you think. We are going to have to work at this people. But if we do… just perhaps we will touch.

5 thoughts on “Standing on the Edge… (beginnings)

  1. John T.

    The only thing I absolutely, unequivocally know about life is that we are all capable of error. Voltaire said “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Even the most certain of facts and data are interrupted and or can be misapplied. Anais Nin, says it best “We see things as we are, not as they are.” We live in a time of wall building when all indicators point to the need for bridges. Through listening and desire to build bridges we can cross great chasms.


  2. PB

    Intelligent, insightful (or incite-full), erudite and downright funny. Gobsmacking ability to move from poetry to prose and back without apparent effort.
    Beyond this facility with multiple styles is a capacity to make the message(s) both evocative and explicit. Write on.


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