The Ogre (a poem)

So, it’s over, and you’re leaving – I can handle that

I think you’re gonna be surprised how strong ‘not knowing’ has helped me be

Because it’s hard to have doubts when you love someone

But harder still when fear, becomes reality.


I don’t so much mind the mess my life’s become

It seems a mess is more-or-less what it’s always been

But I noticed at the moment that my world fell in

I heard a most penetrating scream

And I kinda think that scream came from me


So, it’s over, you don’t love me, and you’re leaving

I’ll just cuddle up tonight beside my insecurities

I’ll mend the tattered fabric of what was my dreams

Then watch the darkness rush in through the seems

As I wake up sweating from my only dream

Awakened by a penetrating scream


Every person has a demon they hold on to

Me, I’ve got an Ogre, he lives beside me

If I turn my head, quite quickly, I can spot him

He’s not as hard to deal with, as he used to be

But every now and then that Ogre Screams

And the people turn their heads and look at me

I tell them life quite often’s not the way it seems

And it isn’t turning out how I thought it would be


It’s been over for a year now and I’ve dealt with it

I’ve been tossing placid pebbles – across a caustic sea

And if I catch your eye, won’t you say “hello”

As I mumble to myself, shuffling barefoot down your street

When you left it brought a change in me

Brought on by a penetrating scream

Now things aren’t quite the way I thought they’d be

But I’m pretty sure they’re not the way they seem


And every now and then that Ogre screams


2 thoughts on “The Ogre (a poem)

  1. Just so poignant and potent. “Caustic pebbles across a caustic sea”— what a terrific line.

    “Cuddling up next to insecurities”— when you wake up the next morning, do they sometimes vanish leaving only a note on your pillow? 😉

    Loved this entire post!


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