Anglo-Cristo (a poem with teeth)

Such a White Man

Blue eyed, trimmed beard, robes on

A small lamb in his arms

He’s knocking at a door


His face benign, omniscient understanding

The look both Mormon boys showed hours before

When their staunch white shirts

Left shadows at my door


Though I clench my teeth still tighter

Yet, that picture image lasts

As a pox on the existence

Of this Iconoclast


For I’ve seen your personal version of God

In the shoebox you keep on your shelf

He’s a two-dimensional black-and-white fraud

And he looks a whole lot like yourself


Step back from your homogenizations

Don’t distill your God down to you

Don’t revel in weak illustrations

Untie Him and let Him come through


2 thoughts on “Anglo-Cristo (a poem with teeth)

  1. Yes! You totally nailed it with this one.

    (And not to a cross either. 😉

    Welcome to God-in-a-Box, would you like to supersize that today?

    Waiting for others to come here and discover your sheer genius, but meanwhile I’ll just revel in your brilliance happily solo.



  2. I’m certain for some it will touch a nerve… but then it was meant to. I love the humor in your comment and the craft with which it was delivered. (Tell no one – but my followers have swelled to 3)


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