I believe.

I won’t believe in Laughter

‘Happy ever after’

Rainbows in Subtle sweet hues

I won’t trust in fate

What we both create

Nor magic in glass slippered shoes

I’ll doubt wondrous signs

That planets align

Feeling like one – Since we’re two

Kismet is bull shit

The winners will soon quit

Love is an illusion too

I won’t believe in forever

A heart I can treasure

Or, sadly, my dearest, in you


But wait…


I so clearly remember

The 25th of November

Those Hope filled dreams I accrued

Trembling sweet bliss

The want of your kiss

The advent of Passions renewed

Our hands clasped together

The soft tangled tether

The way that my knees felt

Your eyes made my heart melt

Crescendos of Magic ensued

It’s not all illusion

Confusions Contusions

Not merely a foolish prelude

We were offered together

For a while – not forever

Yet I believe that the promise is true

I’m not going to quit

Or stop searching for it

I hope, dear, that you find it too

And that all your dreams will come true!

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