Idle Wild

Idle, wild, addled, able

‘Eager pleaser’ seeks the fabled

Anticipating sweet immersion

Penetrating dream conversion

Not for sake of some diversion

But for the heart of you.


Believing in the dream unraveled

The life-long coupled path to travel

Past odd hurdles not disclosed

Roadblocks, doubt and fears imposed

Committed open heart, exposed

All for a life with you


Encumbered by my pathways past

Mis-directions, epitaphs

Lessons learned at painful cost

Perplexed moments, feeling lost

Open arms, not fingers crossed

All for the heart of you


I believe in love astounding

You and I – as one heart pounding

Careful, open, honest, sharing

Unfettered promise – enlightened pairing

Entwined, divine, unbridled caring

Deep in the heart of you


2 thoughts on “Idle Wild

  1. Floored me. Literally on the floor reading this one. Only thing making it better would be a (simulated) fur rug and roaring fireplace with Idyllwild snow outside and some fill-in-the-blanks. 😉

    Love your pacing, phrasing (open arms, not fingers crossed) and rhythm!


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