The holes in my hands had finally healed

When my cart caught the gutter and shattered a wheel

And strewn by the roadside my apples all lay

But I’m doing all right… It’s just one of those days


I sat on the curbside and twiddled my thumbs

The Blind man just laughed, when he saw what I’d done

But the Mute, he said nothing, he just went on his way…

And I’ve just realized, he has nothing to say


The storm clouds soon gathered, the rain falling down

My Apples took shelter, they hid underground

And Seedlings poked up, where my apples once lay

Yes, I’ve born gentle witness to ‘rebirth’ today

  • –   –   –

My back against tree-trunk, my legs widely splayed

I’m munching on apples. I’m sitting in shade

The cart that I once drove is lost to decay

Yes, I’m doing alright… Now, how was your day?

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