Life Spring

I’ve glimpsed the soul of ‘Life Spring’ as it huddled

Doubt filled, hurting, twisting in the dark

She ponders my intentions and befuddled

Imagines that I won’t maintain the spark


Exquisite she, though flawed and prone to finding –

Reasons to distrust the love in me

Trying to surpass the past’s un-windings

Disavowing dreams of what can be


Partnering with solitude’s confinement

Hand in hand she stands all on her own

Ill-equipped to deal with hopes refinement

The past is cast and firmly Set in Stone


Alibis and lies define a gender

With promises unkept and wistful ways

Content and bent on havocs it will render

Oblivious to hearts it glibly flays


Can I subtract the acts of fear’s momentum?

Whittle down the burl and knot of doubt?

Hold hope that she will, in time, forget them?

Surpass the past with love profound devout ?

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