A Void Dance

It’s Anguish when she turns from me

Worse still, I’ve earned this action

It wounds the ‘We’ – I’m sure we’d be

It’s a void sprung from attraction


How strange to feel the guilt of it

It ignites a hole I’ve known

The Fable sought – my acts were not

The smartest seeds I’ve sown


My soul had never heard such song

I committed quick, completely

I found new life – but also strife

By needing her to need me


She too has anguish, stress and strains

With compulsive warring factions

I prayed that I – could be the guy

To bring her Love’s distraction


And now I lay supine, dismayed

As once again I’m banished

My sin has been – a ‘pushing in’

And like the wind, she’s vanished


I hoped that if she’d turn to me

I could, with love, complete her

But craving Grace – I drift in space

A well-intentioned creature


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