Bored Games

I seemed to have hit a literary bump. I really want to write something fresh, but I feel all “Bollixed up”. In a desire to spur my craving for prose I’ve turned to gimmickry.

First, I thought I would just Alphabetize my Creative Demise:

A Brutally Contrived Dialectic Endeavor Frantically Geared, Hopefully, Into Just Keeping Linguistic Momentum Nestled Obscurely, Proxemic, Quite Rightly, Situated Together, Under Veiled Wit X, Y, Z.


But then I remembered ‘Scatagories’ and out came the game cube…

Roll: D

Dice Deciding Dialectic Direction Deriving Deftly Dealt Detours Despite Disparaging Downfalls.

Roll: C

Can Craftily Connived Complexities Conceivably Coerce Creative Connections Cranially?

Roll: W

Will Whimsically Worded Wit Waft Willingly With Whatever Wishes Were Wistfully Wasted?

Roll: P

Perhaps Placidly Pondering Prose (Put Poorly to Paper), Projects Pitiful Performance Pitfalls

Roll: B

Being Bellicose But Bound By Bohemian Beliefs – Begrudgingly Beguiling Binary Betterment – Boastfully Bounding But Belatedly Bent By Bad Behavior.

Roll: L

Long-winded Loquacious Longings Left Leisurely Lacking – Laying Liltingly Languid, Literarily Lost

Roll: S

Should Someone Shout “Stop”? Since Silly Sequential Soliloquy Seems Somewhat Stupid?

Roll: V… Very Vexing!



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