I’ve seen the mist rising on a dry river bed – I knew the water lay there undetected I’ve seen the clouds rising up behind your eyes – when you felt yourself unprotected I’ve walked the shallow fields of your fallow mind – divining rod twitching in my hand Searching for the soul that I …

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As always, the buzzing troubled his sleep. The whirr of it mutated his dreams and sent him into a cold sweat. The image that infiltrated his slumber, again, was of a hoard of flying insects. They flew in perfect ranks, descending out of the sun, intent on his destruction. Time to wake up! Upon waking, …

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Standing on the Edge… (beginnings)

Standing on the edge of the abyss, predisposed to failure, I step confidently forward. I had warned me... We communicate in a given language. We have loosely agreed on gestures and symbols, Through Television, Literature, Film, Life, (and other over-directed productions) we have built the skeletal framework of mutual expression. We have not, however, achieved …

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